Toy Poodles -  Merle $1300+  all other colors $1100 (Deposit $200)

Bernedoodles  Solid Color $1800 Bi-color $2000 Tri-color $2500  (Deposit $200)

Goldendoodle - $1800 (Deposit $200)  (rare colors may increase price)

Mini Goldendoodes     - $1800-$2250 (Deposit $200) - depending upon colors produced

       Standard Poodles -   Merle $1500 , Bi-color $1300, Parti $1300, Solid $1250 (deposit $200)

**We do not ship puppies- you may pick up at our home, fly here to get your puppy and bring him/her back with you as a carry on or we can help you find a puppy transporter/puppy nanny.  

Click here to view puppy booklet provided at pickup - please take the time to review and you can email or call with any questions. 



Deposits are non-refundable to hold a puppy (however can moved to another future litter) - puppy pick is determined by order deposits are received- all paypal transactions will have a 3% fee added to price.  (If you wish to mail deposit- we will wait until check is received and cashed to secure your spot on pick list- please overnight check to ensure spot on list)  

You may NOT pay in full to jump ahead on deposit list - we follow same process for all buyers to ensure it is fair for everyone.

**All final payments and balance are due on pick-up day in cash unless other arrangements have been made in advance

***Quailridge reserves the right to hold the 1st and 2nd pick from each litter***

Once you have placed a deposit we will send updated pictures and video's when applicable weekly- we know how exciting it is to add a new 4 legged family member to your family and we want the experience to be pleasurable.

             "When Can I pick out my puppy"

When it is your turn to pick (picking order is determined by deposit list) - you may chose your puppy whenever you like or you may wait until the puppies have reached 4-5 weeks of age to pick puppy- all puppies must be chosen by 5 weeks of age so other families can chose as well.  (Example- if your #4 on the list - you will need to wait until #1, #2 and #3 have chosen and we require that to be completed by 5 weeks of age)

Puppy picks are done by pictures, videos, Facetime appointments or if your local an in home puppy pick will be available and scheduled by myself

If you choose to do an in-home appointment to pick out your puppy - depending on puppies age - the visit will be limited to 30 minutes if  puppies are under 6 weeks of age.  Puppies under 6 weeks tire out very quickly and to ensure their health we have to put a time limit on visits

During home visits where puppies are under 6 weeks we ask that one person be designated to interact with the puppies after washing hands to cut down on any germs passed to puppies.

Children are welcome in the home but will be asked to stay in designated area of visitation and will not be permitted to touch puppies if under 6 weeks.  Again this is for the health of all the puppies in the litter.  We do this to protect the puppy you are choosing as well as the health of the puppies designated to other families. **Please also read continued section below**

**Exception to above rules- we do not allow in home puppy pick appointments on Toy poodles - due to their size- Pictures, video's and Factime appointments only
               Pick Up Day

All family members welcome to come and interact with their puppy on pick up day

All final payments and balance are due on pick-up day in cash unless other arrangements have been made

Puppy pick-up day will be scheduled in advance via email.  Once a day or two is chosen - we will open up time slots throughout the days.  We ask that you pick two time options and we will advise of which one is available

Once time has been assigned - please be sure and map out your route and take into consideration traffic on route- we understand "life" happens but would request we are kept in constant communication via text (301) 535-7906 if you are running late.  We make every attempt to schedule appointments in a timely manner to allow us adequate time with each family and go over any and all questions on your new furbaby

If you have a substantial distance you are traveling with the puppy- we suggest you bring a blanket/towel,  paper towels & cleaner for accidents, leash and harness/collar for walking dogs are rest areas, water and a bowl for small drinks.   We will be sending you home with a toy and food - so there will be no need to bring snacks with you.  It's best to limit any meals/snacks before long trips so the puppies stomach does not get upset. 
                1st Day/Night home

Expect puppies to be tire easy on their first couple days at a new home- they have been accustomed to spending their days playing with their litter-mates

Be sure and allow plenty of time to rest when they want- do not take puppies on extensive walks the first couple days home

Puppies may not seem very interested in food since they will be stressed - be sure they do not skip meals so they can keep their energy level replenished at all times

Stool may be loose due to stress the first 3 days - we recommend adding a couple tablespoons of pure pumpkin to each meal at least the first week and this will help with stools

Take puppies out frequently - after every playtime, as soon as he/she awakes and about 20 minutes after meal time. 

"When can we meet our puppy continued" 

There are several reasons why we do not let anyone around the puppies between birth and 6 - 8 weeks...and all those reasons are to protect the puppies.

Like a new baby, the opportunity for young pups to pick up infectious diseases is increased with all new contacts. Their immune systems are building, so at this time, the moms and pups live in our home nursery which are separate from all outside  traffic. Most illnesses and diseases are innocently carried on people’s shoes and clothing. Entire litters of puppies can be wiped out within 48 hours by the puppy killer parvovirus. This disease could be picked up unknowingly by people in a school yard, a park, or on a sidewalk - and this is only one disease. We cannot risk exposing our dogs and your puppy to diseases that could destroy them.

It is extremely stressful for the mama dog to have strangers visit as she is caring for her litter. This in turn will put stress on the new born pups. Remember, you are only one of many people who want to adopt a puppy, not including everyone else who “just wants to peek at the new babies.” If we allow everyone to see, touch, or spend time with the new pups, the mom’s routine would be disrupted: her eating and caring for pups and even her ability to produce enough healthy milk for them could be at risk.

Your puppy is not the only puppy. By protecting all of our puppies from stress and disease that could be brought in by visitors, we are protecting your puppy. Just think about how you would feel if someone who just wanted to see his or her pup happened to bring in illness that would cause us to lose a puppy, or even the entire litter. We have heard from many people that pet stores and some breeders allow people to visit puppies early. If that is the case, the reality is most likely that their number one objective is selling a puppy and concern for the puppy’s well-being is secondary.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take great care and much time caring for all of our dogs and puppies. It is time and energy consuming. We understand your excitement, and we are happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your pup. However, until you take your puppy home, we are responsible and the puppy’s health and safety is our number one priority. We guarantee, waiting a few weeks will be worth it.  

**Feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests **