Tri-color Bernedoodles ARE HERE

Expecting a litter of Mini Bernedoodles Fall of 2019

**Accepting deposits on Standard Bernedoodles - see below

* We currently have 10 paid deposits on Bernedoodles - Bubbles HAS delivered her puppies and we are currently going through the deposit holders - some families opt to wait on future litters- we will post availability as soon as we know

The Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and
a Poodle. This cross combines the intelligent goofiness of the
poodle with the loyalty of the Bernese. Bernedoodles are low- to non-shedding,
and are a great dog for people who suffer from allergies.  This
combination truly makes a well grounded, goofy, loyal, versatile, smart
dog who can be a lap dog when its time to relax at the end of the day
or play for hours during outside family activities or be a walking
companion to keep you company. All in all your new Bernedoodle puppy
will want to partake in any activities their human family is enjoying!

Meet Bubbles and Elijiah

Elijiah is our parti phantom standard poodle sire - he's goofy, care free and loves to be with people - he weighs in at 52 pounds and has made a great father to our pups

Bubbles is our 95 pound lap dog here at Quailridge - she wants nothing more than to roll on her back for belly rubs and to snuggle in your lap for hugs. She loves spending time outdoors with one of her many "sticks" aka tree limbs. 

Bubbles and Elijah have blessed us with 8 healthy F1 Bernedoodles - we do believe all puppies will be spoken for from current deposit list - if families opt to wait for another litter we will post any availability here or on or social media sites.

Enjoy the photos
Twilight is expecting puppies approx June 20th, 2019 - we are accepting deposits

Yoshi- is our parti chocolate phantom poodle - there isn't a person he's met that he doesn't love!!  Yoshi is a loyal companion to his furry friends and human family.

Twilight - loves loves loves to run and play in the yard with all her furry friends.  She could sit outside for days - when she's inside she turns into a marshmallow- loves attention and can never get enough belly rubs

Pricing & Adoption Process
Bubbles/Twilights past puppies are pictured below  - all have gone to their new homes

Please take the time to review our "Pricing and Adopotion Procedures" here 

 Puppies picks are not done until 5-6 weeks - if you call to place deposit it will be for next available spot- which is currently #4.  

​Deposits are $200.  
Pricing & Adoption Process
When we are not home we have a camera set up so we can watch Bubbles and her puppies- we often catch moments like this where Bubbles is just enjoying and playing with her puppies.  Look closely and spot one of her puppies doing just as she is doing on the right hand side.  We could watch Bubbles and her puppies all day! 
Please ignore some of our commentary in the following videos (they were only meant to be shared among family) - I could have muted them or added music but I thought the little noises the puppies were making were to cute to silence.  We have nicknamed a few and joked about keeping them all because we love them so much. 

Check out Bubbles visit to the vet on 9/20/18 - she wagged her tail the whole time we were out and loved everyone she encountered.  Pregnacy has been confirmed.  Puppies due end of October !!